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Information about IGB

Bolivia have numerous resources in precious stones little used actually, excepted for the bolivianite (Ametrine, Tristine and Stannite of A. Pauli) which is known in jewellery. On the other hand 50% of the bolivianite (ametrine) at present on the market is synthetic and the differentiation with the natural is very difficult without a sofisticated laboratory equipment with an experimented staff.                                                                                                       The lack of knowledge for the gemstones by the professionals of the sector extends from the mine up to the jewellery.                                                                                                                             The program pedagogico-educational of the IGB is to train staff in all the modern techniques and to allow the development of the sector.                                                                       The  IGB which began its activity in February, 2015 consist of:

  • a laboratory equipped for the analysis.
  • a workshop for stone cutting flat and curved facets, cabochon, glyptics.
  • a workshop for diamond cutting.
  • a workshop for jewelry
  • a documentation base, and a data and minerals colection    

which is the base to help in the development of the autochthonous mining sector with adapted training in precious stones and particularly the diamond. 

The IGB development is going to end up in the construction of a Center in Tiquipaya wich will contain :

-   A museum dedicated to gemstones and jewels. 

-   A school of gemology with laboratory. 

-   Workshops for gemstone cutting and jewellery. 

-   A library.    

-   An amphitheater of 400 places. 

-   Commercial offices in connection with gemstones and jewellery.

-   An office for the Guarantee and the Kimberley Process.

-   A technological survey center.

-   A workshop for jewels design.

The land, property of the Municipal Autonomous Government of Tiquipaya, will be given to the Bolivian Gemological Institut IGB following a commodat of 15 years renewable with the agrement of the Territorial Organization of Collpapampa La Floresta, community where the land is situated. 
The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of the University Del Valle www.univalle.edu situated on the Municipality of Tiquipaya is drawing the plans and the model of the future IGB building. 

Since the end of 2018 an other extention project for the Bolivian Gemological Institut is under consideration with the Territoria Organization of Collpapampa La Floresta.


The laboratory of the IGB is the first gemological laboratory of Bolivia in rigor, independence, professionalism and recognition from international institutions. 
The applied standard is independence and rigour.
The IGB is an association of professionals with experience in these specialities.This characteristic of our Institution guarantee the independence at the time of emitting certificates and evaluations. Of equal way the Commitee of the IGB's laboratory formed of professionals of the sector, guarantee the rigour of the certificates in conformity with the protocols of the IGB's laboratory, in accordance with the standards of the CIBJO.


The members of the Bolivian Gemological Institut IGB are Experts, Professors, Professionals and are members of International Institutions as :
- ORDINEX International Organization of Experts www.ordinex.net
- Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland www.minersoc.org

- National Geographic Society www.nationalgeographic.com
- PLE Parliament of European Art School plejewelleryschoolswww.le-mur.fr
- GNB Generation Boulle generationsboulle

- World Gem Foundation worldgemfoundation.com