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This Internet site is a description of the organization and services not limited issued by the IGB.
IGB laboratory                                                                                                                                                                                        
 The information described in the certificates or the results of the analyses carried out by the IGB have been obtained using the tools of the Laboratory of the IGB by confirmed gemologists. The instruments used during the analyses can be the triplet eye glass 10x, the binocular microscope 40x vertical and at immersion, the digital microscope, the precision caliber, the magnetometer, the polariscope, the refractometer, the spectroscope UV-VIS-NIR and if necessary other instruments. The Gems mounted are analyzed on the basis of the opportunities allowed by the mount. These documents do not describe in no case, an estimate of the gems value. The description may vary in function of the place, the time and the person who has reviewed the stones or jewelry. The IGB or its members are not responsible for the differences which may be the result of the analyses carried out by other people with other instruments. The IGB or its members are in no case responsible for loss, damage or economic loss that could result from any error or omission in these documents and a bad or fraudulent use by third parties. 
IGB Training   
Training in gemology, colored stones or diamonds cutting, jewelry, prospecting and mining can be sanctioned by diplomas issued in the context of the IGB formation. The products and results of these various interventions, otherwise agreed, remain the property of the IGB.
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